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Welcome to Lake Echo Fire

Emergency Services

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency is dedicated to enhancing and preserving the quality of life, property and environment through education, leadership and effective response emergencies. This service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week staffed by career and volunteer fire fighters.

The many non-emergency services that Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency provide include Corporate Safety, public awareness, inspections, investigations, technical expertise and training provided to the public and to other HRM business units. 



Engine 21 (08-444E)

Manufacturer: Pierce, Contender 

Seats: 6 Tank 

Size: 750 Gallons


Tanker 21 (07-420T) / T22 (07-435T)

Manufacturer : Sterling, 8500 

Seats: 3 

Tank Size: 1500 Gallons


Rescue 22 (03-324R)

GMC Sierra  

Seats: 5   

Medical Assistance