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Firefigher Ronald MacDonald Memorial



Ronald John MacDonald was born on 26 June 1955. A resident of Porters Lake, Ron decided to help his community and join the rank of volunteer firefighter with Halifax County - District 8 Volunteer Fire Department in Lake Echo on September 2nd 1992. Ron became an active volunteer firefighter after successfully completing the NFPA Level 1 firefighter certification at the Nova Scotia Firefighting School in Waverley, Nova Scotia.  



On Sunday, November 2nd 1997, Halifax Regional Municipality 911 dispatch received a call for a single vehicle accident on Highway 107 at Exit 19 in West Porters Lake. Fire crews from Station 21 in Lake Echo, Station 23 in Chezzetcook and Station 19 in East Lawrencetown were dispatched to the scene. The initial report indicated that two men inside the vehicle were in serious condition after the driver lost control of the car and hit a guard rail on the oncoming side of Highway 107.


 the scene. Crews were searching the area of Highway 107 as well as West Porters Lake Rd. Living on the Myra Road in Porters Lake, Ron was one of the first to arrive on scene and began searching for the crashed vehicle. At approximately 3 pm, while turning his vehicle around on West Porters Lake Rd, Ron's small pick-up truck was hit by an incoming ambulance who was responding to the same motor vehicle accident. Ron, who was seriously injured, was pronounced dead before volunteer firefighters from his own station in Lake Echo, were able to extricate him from his car. 



Ron MacDonald was the first firefighter, and to this date, the only firefighter to die in the Line of Duty since the creation of Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services, following the 1996 amalgamation. 

Firefighter Ronald John MacDonald was survived by his wife Alva Lee MacDonald.



On November 5th 2000, members of Station 21 and 22 unveiled a monument to commemorate Ron MacDonald, a comrade who lost his life in the line of duty.

For members of the Fire Service and the community, this monument serves as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by Ron in service to his community. It is also a constant reminder to active members today to return home safely after every call.